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Question: How do I get brides to think about booking ME first?

“My question is how to get brides to focus more on their hair??? By the time they get to thinking about their look, they’ve spent so much on the venue, photos, dress and flowers the hair is practically an after-thought!!  Thanks again.”


We get asked variations of this question so often it’s enough to make me pull my own hair out!

You really can’t make brides think about something they aren’t thinking of, or want something they don’t already want.  Unless you have mind control powers–in which case, contact me immediately!

Even huge corporations with billion dollar ad budgets have a difficult time manufacturing desire.  (Remember spectacular product flops Crystal Pepsi and the New Coke?)

Instead of trying to get brides to think about hair when their minds are elsewhere, which is going to be an uphill battle, doesn’t it make more sense to find the brides who are already thinking about hair when they are thinking about it?

In case you were wondering, the answer to that question is YES.

Find the brides who are already looking for your type of service or who are actively looking for the solution you provide.  

To find them, ask these questions:

  •     Where do brides go when they start searching for hair styles and stylists?
  •     What businesses do they visit around that time?
  •     Who do they ask for referrals?
  •     Who are they booking just before you?

Not all brides are going to get their hair done professionally.  Sorry.

Instead of wasting energy trying to convert brides who’d rather show up at the wedding with bed head, laser target your message for brides who are hair and glamor obsessed.  They’ll be far more interested, eager and motivated to spend money to get the perfect wedding hair of their dreams.

Jump Start the Booking

If you want to encourage brides to book you ahead of time, you have to give them an incentive.  They’re not going to do it just because you have a pretty smile.

Smartypants Bridal Lead Strategy:

Partner with a bridal shop, makeup artist or photographer to offer a package that includes their hair style.  Be sure to offer a limited time offer discount or extra bonus to encourage fast action.

You can’t “make” them think about you more or sooner in the planning process, but you CAN find them when your service is top of mind.

Now you have a choice:

You can swim against the current and try to convince brides to want something when they don’t want to want it (that was a mouthful!)…

Or you can go with the flow and target your marketing to brides who already looking so that they actually notice your song and dance routine.

Do you really want to do more work?  I didn’t think so.

What do you think?

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