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There comes a point in your wedding business when it is large enough that you are hiring more people. Remember that they can do more than just the obvious, as long as you mentor them, encouraging them to become more diverse in their work according to the article by inc.com.

This doesn’t mean that you should automatically expect more of your employees than they can ever do. In fact that is a sure fire way to consistently loose good employees. Rather realize that there is a difference between giving orders, and giving assignments. When you give an order they have to do what you say, exactly the way you say to do it. There is a place for that, but more often than not if you give an assignment that includes some freedom in how it should be done that is the stepping stone that encourages your employee to think outside the box.

Realize that you need to come along side your employees and encourage them forward. Happy employees are not only more productive, but the attitude carries over into their interaction with your clients. What do you think?

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