things to do

I hate to-do lists. Nearly everyone does. A to-do list is that notorious list of things that hangs over your head constantly. You can’t even take time off without thinking about all the things that need done. So the idea of finding out how to make a to-do list doable, and making it your friend is a fresh breath of air.

The biggest problem that I have is making my list of things that need done a list of projects rather than tasks. I love summarizing things; it takes less space and conveys an idea faster. But when it comes to a to-list summarizing backfires. I bought a new office desk last year that needed a bit of work refinishing the handles. Instead of making a note to refinish the handles on my desk I made that note “fix desk.” It took months for me to get a 2 hour project done.

The fastest way to make your to-do list doable is to be very specific on what needs to be done. Break the project down into small parts if it’s a big project, and write down the action steps instead of just the project. Remember, your to-do list isn’t there to track your failures or to hang over your head. It is there to help you get a lot done fast. For more great ideas check out this article which includes an excerpt from the book “lifehacker.” What can you do to make your to-do list doable?

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