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Networking events can be tough, whether you go to one outside your industry or are just mixing at a bridal show. Patricia Fletcher points out that you don’t have to be an extrovert to make them work well for you, you just have to be prepared.

Think it through. Why are you trying to network in the first place? Do you want to build a network for bridal referrals? Are you a wedding planner trying to find businesses you like that you want to work with going forward? Know your purpose and then think through the main things you really want to talk about with people. If you only have three things to say to someone to try to get a wedding business networking relationship started, what do they need to be?

While you’re thinking that through ad in a few questions you can ask them about themselves. Remember, networking isn’t all about you, it’s a two way street. You need help, they need help and a relationship is formed when you both realize you can help the other person. Make sure to read Patricia Fletcher’s great article for more ways to prepare for networking events.

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