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Why don’t brides respond to your emails?

Well, there’s one reason they might not be answering you that many wedding vendors haven’t considered…

They never got your email.

Did you know that if you send out emails to five or more recipients, and even one of them has an AOL email address, NONE of those emails will get delivered?

Yep, AOL sends them right to the bride’s Spam folder. And they aren’t the only ones, either. Yahoo, Windows Live and other email clients are working overtime to keep spam out of their customers inboxes, and in many cases, your email gets hit with the spam label and never sees the light of day.

In 2011, 19% of email sent did not even reach the inbox, according to Return Path’s Global Deliverability Benchmark Report.

The bride or groom obviously can’t open your email if it never arrives. So what can be done?

The #1 thing you can do to make sure your emails get delivered is to use a reliable email marketing service.

An email marketing service (like Aweber or Sendpepper) is a service that lets you send personalized mass emails that don’t get stuck in the spam filter. These services specialize in making sure your email gets delivered. They monitor anti-spam laws and work hard to keep their collective act clean so that your message is received.

If you are sending an email to more than five people, you simply must use an email marketing service, or your emails are NOT going to get through. There isn’t any way around it.

Benefits of an Email Marketing Service:

  • Time savings.At the touch of a button you can send an email to hundreds or thousands of leads. No copy and pasting necessary.
  • Deliverability.Your email actually gets through. Using a service makes sure you email gets delivered.
  • Personalization.An email service allows you to insert the bride’s name, wedding date or other details into an email easily, so you can send personalized emails automatically.
  • Tracking.You’ll have a report of how many people opened your email, how many clicked through and more. This lets you know if what you’re doing is actually working. No more guessing about whether your email got stuck in cyberspace.

The good news is that email marketing services are inexpensive and easy to use. A few of our favorites…

Recommended Email Marketing Services

  • Aweber – Our favorite email marketing only software, with the best reputation in the industry for high deliverability, flexibility and integration. Recommended for any level wedding business. Get a month trial for only $1!
  • Sendpepper – Awesome email marketing, contact management, tracking, tagging, landing page hosting and more. We recommend the Habenero level and above for wedding businesses needing a more advanced level of system integration and organization. Free 15 day trial.

So stop wondering if your emails are getting delivered and make sure they do.

Got a tip about emailing brides and grooms? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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