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Writing an article about weddings and getting it published on another blog is a great way to get backlinks and gain exposure to a new audience. As Amanda DiSilvestro points out in her article however you have to be great with the follow through to really get all the benefits out of a guest blog post.

Treat a guest blog post the same as you would a blog post on your own site. Promote it, link to it on your site on a published article page, and most importantly make sure to respond to any comments on that post. Something that will also really help you leverage that guest blog post is to build a relationship with the blog owner or editor and keep building it even after you’ve been published on their site. Your article shouldn’t be a onetime deal, if the relationship is good you should be able to get other articles published on their site over time.

So why would you want to build an ongoing relationship with someone else’s blog and website? Because it sets you up as an expert in the wedding industry. It gives you the same kind of image as getting your work published in a magazine, or on TV. Always, always make sure to leverage your work for the sake of marketing. Everything ties together and should work like a well oiled machine. Have you ever done a guest blog article and if so what were the benefits and problems you experienced as a result.

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