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When you talk or meet with perspective brides are you saying anything that makes you stand out from your competition, or are you saying the same things that everyone else is saying? For instance Tom Searcy points out in his article that almost all businesses will tell perspective clients how long they’ve been in business when in reality, very few people care.

To stand out you have to show how great your business is. Sometimes this includes showing photos from celebrity client weddings. Take time to listen and find out what the bride wants for her wedding, and what she wants to avoid in her wedding. Once you know that information you can tailor the package you offer and your sales pitch to show how you fit her needs exactly.

All brides have an idea of what they want even if it might not be a defined idea. They also know what they don’t want, both in how you interact with them and in the style and quality of your product and service. Your purpose is to help them create their dream wedding, and help them avoid the things that will ruin their wedding. When you meet with them this is the information they are looking for. If you can do this you are a perfect fit, if you just go on and on about how great your business is, but don’t come down to earth meeting them where they are you will lose their business. What do you think? What are the things you have done that have lost you a sale, and what have you done to land that dream wedding?

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