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If you are writing a blog, whether separately from your website, or one of your website pages, you need to know both how to make it successful, and how to tell if it is successful. One of the first ways you know it is successful is by how many visitors you are getting on a monthly basis. From there you should be seeing both interaction through the comments, and an increase in brides signing with you.

The whole point of having a wedding business blog is to both keep your clients updated on what you are doing, and to create the personal feel to your business that brides are looking for, which results in their turning into clients. However you have to make sure that the time you are putting into your blog is less than the results you are getting. Are you getting 30 or more views a month? Out of those views are you getting an increase of at least one bride signing with you a month?

What kind of results does your wedding business need to see? If your blog isn’t giving you those results it means that you need to re-work your blog and make sure it is working for you, not just wasting your time. For tips on how to build a successful blog make sure to check out Mitch Wilson’s awesome article! What do you think?

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