Have you experienced the feeling of being chased by a giant boulder which is trying to crush you when you look at your to do list in the morning? If the answer is yes, you are just like everyone else in the world. No matter how organized you are, you always hit a point where your to do list gets out of control. 

Keeping yourself organized is one thing, keeping your jobs and responsibilities are a completely different matter all together. So how to you prioritize and keep it headed in the right direction, sitting on the rock rather than being chased by it? 

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According to Alan Henry in his amazingly helpful blog post, the first and probably most helpful tip is to keep from creating a list that looks like Santa Clauses list at Christmas, and to instead prioritize and turn it into a schedule instead of just a random list of things. In other words, think through what time you have, and create your lists accordingly. You may not be able to do a wedding and clean your gutters on the same day, but if you schedule them for separate days, you’ll be able to check through your list in no time.

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