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Building your businesses influence in the bridal marketing has everything to do with how you handle the day to day interactions with people. You can market till you’re blue in the face but without the right attitude and people skills you’ll find yourself stuck.

According to Stefan Töpfer’s great article, there are actually some simple steps in increasing your influence, and they aren’t even painful! One of the things that many businesses miss is talking in the same language as your audience. This means that you have to pay attention to where you are, and how people communicate in your area.

For instance you wouldn’t use the same language reaching a mid-west client base as you would with high end brides in New York City. They care about different things and the culture surrounding them is different. If you want to gain clients you need to make sure you are actually emotionally connecting with them, that they can understand what you are talking about and why it’s important. What do you use to connect with brides in your area?

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