Okay, so you’re sending out emails to your list of leads for your wedding business, but they aren’t getting opened. Needless to say this can be one of the most frustrating features of building your wedding business, and something that is important to solve if you want to be successful. So, how do you get the emails opened and read?


According to Andreas of London Cyclist there are 5 keys to getting those emails read. First, find the best day of the week and time of day, to send your emails. Second, make sure the first line of your email grabs their attention. Third, keep the info in the mail exclusive. Fourth, include a next week blub at the end of the email. And finally, make sure you know your audience so that your emails connect with what they like, and need. Make sure to read the full article by Andreas to get a better grasp on breaking through the email open rate, and the why behind each step.

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