How many of us have been to weddings where one of the relatives, be it a parent of the bride or groom, an aunt or uncle has a personality disorder and does their best to control or ruin the event. Think of the character of Penelope on Saturday Night Live.


The bride or groom often know that this is going to be an issue ahead of time and may be so stressed that they consider not inviting that particular relative. This is not a good fix. As a wedding professional it helps if you can talk them through the situation and help them realize that while the relative may cause some stress, what everyone will experience at the wedding is nothing in comparison to what they will have to deal with if the person with the personality disorder is not invited at all.

Kim Fusaro recommends that the best way for the bride and groom to deal with the situation is to ask specific people to make sure that the person is kept busy and happy away from the bride and groom, and that they are kept away from anything that would give them control over the wedding.

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