Hindi coupleGood SEO is what is required to get your wedding business website to show up in search results. While the first step always has to do with getting your site keyword optimized that is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s think about this a different way. You know that are a ton of brides getting married every year. You as a wedding business want them to choose you over other local wedding businesses. So you build a website, get the site keyword optimized, and are left sitting with your site on page 10 of search results for your local area.

Why is this? It’s because you need inbound links. These are links leading from other sites back to your website. They can be on social media sites, mentions on blogs, online articles, blogs, other wedding business websites, basically anywhere online. But if you’ve ever started to delve into this you already know that it takes a lot of time, and you have to do it right to get the results. Thankfully Nick from “Shirts That Go” has written a great article explaining the many facets of how to get inbound links. A good starting place is to double check all of your social media sites and make sure that your website url is listed on all of them. Have you worked on getting inbound links and what strategies have you found that work the best for you?

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