MicrophoneGetting your business in the news is a huge business booster. But getting someone, anyone, to interview you can seem like trying to win the lottery. The reality however is that it just takes work, and knowing how to make it happen.

First and foremost, don’t just pitch your business or story to random reporters and journalists. Carefully pick them based on what they write, and then build a relationship with them before pitching your idea. After all, a long term contact can encourage the possibility of future articles and stories.

Remember that they are people as well. Think about what they are looking for, and remember that they work on very tight schedules. If they contact you and want to do the interview right now, then do it! This might be your only chance. What do you think? Have you been able to get your business featured? Make sure to read the article by Patrick Garmoe for 109 tips on getting your business written about.

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