money tree

Does your website produce revenue for your business? No, I don’t mean does it bring it brides to your business. I mean do you have products or Ads that generate revenue on the side? With Google Adsense this is exactly what you can do. It probably won’t produce a ton of money, but as business coaches say “if it doesn’t pay for itself you shouldn’t keep doing it, or need to change the way you are doing it.” Obviously you need your website to reach brides so the next step is making it pay for itself.

Google Adsense allows you to put relevant ads on your website and get paid each time someone clicks on them. However for Google Adsense to work you have to have a great wedding business website which ranks high on Google. The more brides who are on your site, the more clicks you’ll get on the ads. Remember however to avoid getting over enthusiastic with the ads. The last thing you want is a scammy looking site. Keep the ads down to a few per page max, and only add them if it makes sense to have an ad on that page. The best place for ads is on your blog or on the side or bottom of a web page. For information on how to make Adsesense work for you wedding business website check out this detailed article by Nick McIntosh.

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