lion and bird

If you’ve tried Twitter and found that it hasn’t worked for you there are probably some things you could change to get followers and interaction. The point of twitter is to post ideas and thoughts in a short amount of space and to get a dialog going back and forth between you and your followers. For a wedding business this can include trending colors and styles, the weather, something funny that happened with a wedding and more. You basically want to Tweet anything that will spark interest and engage your audience.

Where wedding marketing fits in with this is the fact that every once in a while you will include a link to your website, or information on a package you offer. On top of that you must make sure that you include your website url in your bio. Liz Borod Wright recommends that you keep it personal by including a great profile picture (preferably of your face as the owner), and catchy bio with a bit about both you and your business. For more tips on how to get Twitter working for you check out Liz’s article! What do you think?

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