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If you’ve ever gotten a headache by doing taxes, or that headache is an ongoing issue, don’t feel bad, even professional tax preparers get headaches from doing taxes. It is super complicated and is easy to make mistakes.

There are a few things you can do to make things easier for yourself though. First of all, if you are doing your own taxes, be willing to ask questions. Not only does the IRS have a great help section on their website, but if you’re really confused there are professionals who can help you figure things out.

On a lighter note, something that can really help is to drink coffee rather than wine while preparing your taxes. Coffee gives you energy to get through while wine just makes something that is already confusing much more confusing. Keep focused, and get help if, or when you need it. Make sure to check out the article on Rate Nerd for more great tax preparing tips! What are your biggest headaches in preparing taxes?

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