Subcontracting your wedding business work with freelancers is an awesome way to get work done without having to pay for time poorly spent during office hours.

The first step is to find a freelancer who is a good fit. This is through trial and error, so you want to set up trial projects with them before you make them part of the team. Find out if they do great work, communicate well, and are punctual with their work.

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Second, set up a contract with them. They need to know what you expect of them, and what the exact work agreement is.

Third, set a system to work with them. Figure out what you need them to do, and then set up a system so that they can work with minimal contact with you, but remain on the same page with you.

And finally, be nice! If you are a pill to work with they won’t do the same quality of work as they would if they loved working with you. Remember, you are both contractor and client and you want to make sure they remain invested in your company. Make sure to read Shane Pearlman’s article on working with Freelancers!

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