outstanding flowerMany wedding businesses think that branding their business just means saying “we’re a wedding business”. There is a whole lot more to it however. The first thing you need to think about when considering branding your business is the question “Is the brand’s identity immediately recognizable and memorable?”

Think about other brands out there. For instance, a well known brand which has recently been overhauled is Walmart. Their byline is “Save money. Live better.” Everything about the stores reflects their brand. There is no way you are going to confuse it with another store. You know what they stand for, what types of things they sell, and the price range they use.

When you are branding your wedding business you need to think about how to do the same thing in a more elegant way. A brand includes everything from your color scheme, your byline, what products or services you offer, a distinctive type of customer service, etc. To learn more about what you need to think through when branding your business check out this article by brandingstrategyinsider.com. What do you think?

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