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Google searches are a part of daily life, whether that is for personal use, or research you are doing for your wedding business. Google is set up to be used a certain way however, and if you haven’t heard anyone explain the format you might be spending two to three times the amount of time needed to look for information. 

Dharmesh Shah has a great article talking through the basics of search terminology. The first thing you need to know is that Google is keyword oriented. That means that the only way you will find an exact phrase is to put it between quote marks. People like to use it like a person: ask it a question and get a response. However, if you want the best results it is far better to use keywords and leave out words like a, and, the, as it won’t get you anywhere. Something that I found super interesting was the fact that you can to a Google search for a number range such as 123..189. This would come in handy for date searches as well as price ranges. What is your best Google search technique?

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