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In many ways wedding professionals don’t get the respect they deserve.

  • Wedding photographers are criticized by peers for “selling out” and taking an “easy” job.
  • Wedding planners are mockingly referred to as former brides who just didn’t want to stop planning the wedding.
  • Wedding DJs are stereotyped as obnoxious, cheesy hacks who “just play music.”
  • Insert the business of any wedding professional who’s sick and tired of answering the questions, “So what’s your day job?”

Mark Ferrell is on a mission to change all that for wedding DJs.  But Mark’s message applies to all of us, regardless of our profession.  He urges us to do what we’re passionate about and reminds us about the importance of what we do.

You only get one shot on the wedding day.  It’s one of the most important days in the couple’s entire life, a day so much bigger than that couple getting married that it’s been ritualized by societies for thousands of years.  Each of us owns a piece of that celebration of life and love.

Are you going to tell me that’s not important?  That it’s “just” a wedding?

Even more importantly, Mark charges us to be passionate about what we do…or else get out…and push ourselves to the next level of excellence.  Not only so that we get paid what we deserve, but so that we can deliver the level of service our clients deserve.

Are you constantly learning and improving your skills?  Are you investing in education and personal development?”

The better you are,” Mark says, “the more you know you need training.”

If you’re ready for a dose of inspiration, prepare to be moved and listen to Mark Ferrell’s heart felt interview.  It’s 20 minutes that might just change your wedding business and your life, if you let it.

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