window shopping

Getting bridal leads can be tough at times. But what is even harder is finding qualified leads: brides who want your product / service, and are ready buy. However if you set up your marketing system to help you generate those qualified leads it will save you a lot of wasted time in the long run, and land you more sales.

So how do you get those qualified leads? Well you have to have a system in place that helps you qualify leads. Write down the process it take for a bride to make a decision to sign with you and figure out what brings in the most sales. As a reminder: marketing and sales are two different things. You have to market to a broader market than you need to focus your sales efforts on.

Once you have identified the group of brides that typically sign with you, you can focus the majority of your sales efforts on them, rather than wasting a lot of time and energy on brides who will never close with you. To learn more about marketing to qualified leads make sure to check out the article by Alison Savery. What do you think?

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