Get Wedding Business Referrals

Is it enough for your wedding couples to just be satisfied?

If you’re satisfied with a service or product, it means that you got what you expected—nothing more, nothing less. 

However, in an industry that thrives off referrals, wedding professionals need to surpass expectations. You want your couples to know you went above and beyond for them so that when someone asks them for a referral for a wedding professional, your name is the first one they think of. 

The best way to make a lasting impression is with excellent customer service because good customer service is rare, no matter what industry you’re in.

“Good customer service sticks in your head for years after. 

When your waiter makes you smile and laugh all night, do you leave happier? Do you want to flag down the manager to tell them how fantastic the waiter is? Do you rave to your friends about your experience, demanding they try it too?

That’s the kind of customer service you want to be providing for your wedding couples.”

Stand out from other wedding venues, wedding photographers, or wedding planners by offering an unforgettable service. Instead of just making your wedding couples feel satisfied, make them thrilled they chose you because you truly went above and beyond.

Get Wedding Business Referrals

How to land more leads with excellent customer service. 

The wedding industry doesn’t thrive off repeat business, it thrives off referrals.

Whether you’re just starting your wedding business or you are working full-time in the wedding industry, excellent customer service matters. When engaged couples receive excellent customer service, they want to tell other people about it. And that’s how you get those referrals, that are so important in the wedding industry.

Excellent communication = great conversions.

As your wedding planning business or wedding celebrant business starts growing and booking more weddings, it’s harder to provide personalized service. By incorporating a few automation tools into your wedding business you can help maintain good customer service as your business grows.

  1. Use checklists 

Utilize a daily checklist to help you stay on top of following up with new and old leads. For example, Have you replied to new lead inquiries today? 

A good process makes sure that you won’t easily miss something important while you are busy trying to stay on top of the daily tasks of running a business. 

  1. Communicate ahead of time.

Your engaged couples already have hundreds of things to worry about on their wedding day. By communicating ahead of time you can help take some of their stress away and create a lasting impression. 

Make your couple’s wedding planning experience better by sending out multiple emails in the lead-up to their wedding day, providing all the information they need to know. For example, How and when you would like to receive payment from them. What they can expect on the day in terms of the itinerary.

Providing important information before your couples have to ask will help you create a stress-free experience for your couples and stand out from your competitors.

Follow-up emails 

Your relationship with a bride and groom doesn’t end when their wedding does. If you own a beautiful venue or photography business, your couple might need your services again in the future for a special event, such as an anniversary. This is why follow-up sequences are necessary for any wedding business owner. Make sure that the couples you work with are on your email list, so you can continue to check in regularly with a follow-up sequence.

Automate your wedding business with CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) allows you to automate an email sequence. For example, either in the lead-up to the wedding day or checking in afterward with a follow-up sequence. 

Double your wedding business referrals in 2024

Have been feeling stuck lately wondering, How do I get more leads for my wedding events? Or How do I get more wedding photography leads? 

No matter what wedding profession you specialize in, offering memorable customer service can help you double your wedding referrals in 2024. By automating part of your customer service using CRM, you can enhance your couples’ experience, surpass expectations and nurture the relationship long after their wedding day. 

So, you know CRM is vital for growing a wedding business, but you have 0 ideas about how to set it up? 

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Get Wedding Business Referrals