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When most of us put up our very first website, we treated it a like a fancy brochure.  Instead of printing up tons of print materials and postcards, we could simply tell people, “Go to to learn more about our business.”

The problem with that is that the only people who visit are the few people who have already heard about us.

What about the thousands of potential brides and grooms who don’t know who we are?  Those are the ones we should be trying to reach.

That’s what your website needs to be doing for you.

When used properly, your website is a non-stop lead generation tool that attracts your ideal clients, captures their contact information, follows up with them and leads to more booked weddings.

Wondering how to make this happen?  Christine Dyer of provides 8 ways you can get more leads with your website here:  Get More Bridal Leads With Your Website

Is your website working for you?  Leave a comment and share your success story!

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