Building links back to your site is not something that most wedding businesses do, but it is something that they should be doing. Getting links that are posted on other sites that point back to your website is crucial to show up higher in Google search results and is just as important as good SEO content and keywords.

There are a lot of different good ways to get links. Bottom line however it comes down to using social media such as a Facebook business page that you’ve added a link back to your site, as well as building relationships with bloggers and other website owners who are willing to write about you and post a link back. There is no super easy way to get backlinks, but it isn’t hard either. For an in-depth look at how to get more links to your wedding business website check out this awesome article by Paddy Moogan. What are some tips you’ve learned to get more backlinks to your site?

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81 thoughts on “How To Get Links Back To Your Wedding Website”

  1. Does anyone have any resources for collaborative posts about popular wedding content?

  2. Guest posting is also a great way to acquire white hat, legitimate links to your wedding website. There are a lot of wedding blogs out there that have a lot of domain authority that will link back to your website if you submit pictures, tips, or “top 10s” to them.

    Great article though, and Moz is always a great resource!

  3. Rares Ion says:

    Useful infos here. thanks

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    Fantastic post. This is exactly what I’m in the process of doing now for my site. Thank You!

  5. Bella says:

    SEO is often overlooked and yet can be such a game changer for small businesses like ours. Thank you for shedding some light on the subject.

  6. I would disagree somewhat that social media on its own is a good way to backlinks, the effective use of social media requires an understanding of the journey a user takes. Social media is great for exposure and for allowing users to discover you but it is the quality of your website content that will drive the backlink. So the tactic is to curate high quality, informative and useful information, post it on your website and then promote that material on social driving people back to it… if the content is good enough people will begin linking to it.

  7. Wow, great article and can’t wait to use these for my new photography business website.

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    thank you, great article for wedding photographers!

  9. These are all great tips! Thank you! I need to implement these in my daily routine.

  10. We will start using these tips today. Our site has been hovering near the top for some keywords and lower for others. It can be frustrating but there are ways to get higher and these should help. Thanks and good luck!

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    Thanks for such amazing tips. I too own a wedding car rental site and your tips seriously helped me a lot. Good Job!! Looking for more amazing blogs.

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  14. thanks for the info! There are a number of important factions when shooting weddings, one of those things is inspiration, feel free to browse our wedding stories for some!

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    I am currently working hard on my SEO and articles like this are great for keeping up to date. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for the seo advice. Such an important thing these days for wedding photographers

  26. Many thanks! Sarah – Concise information. Lets get back linking 🙂

  27. Thank you for this article, it is very useful for me.
    Especially for a startup photography businesses these tips are really valuable!

  28. Great tips to help build better backlinks. SEO is very complex and ever changing and can be very time consuming, but the rewards are worth it in the end.

  29. Melissa says:

    Writing guest blog posts and submitting real wedding images to blogs has been the best way to get high quality back links for me. There really is no easy way, just a lot of hard consistent work.

  30. Great article thanks so much for sharing your wedding photography tips

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  41. Great idea on ow to get backlinks, my strategy is to get listed on all free wedding website. This should realy work, i hope.

  42. Useful. Second Moz to help SEO.

  43. Anna says:

    Very nice tips, Thanks for the great advice!

  44. Roi says:

    A hint-It’s better if the site linked back to you will be in the same industry so if you are in the wedding industry make sure to contact with your competitor as strange as it sounds.

  45. Great advise to help my new Wedding Cake Riser website. Thanks for the info.

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  50. You’ve linked to an interesting collection of blogs. Thanks. Funny to think there was a time when I’d never heard of back links – now it’s all I seem to think about 🙂

  51. Great post. Helped greatly for my link building campaign for and

  52. Thanks for your article. It’s really helpful. I had a question though: should I create an alternative website based on a specific keyword i.e. for example and buy the link for it so that my main website is protected from any downfall from google catching on?

  53. Vjenčanje says:

    Thank you for both advice and opportunity of making links

  54. MOZ has a lot of great tools. One I just discovered is their MOZLocal service. It is super cheap and helps you map out where and how you are listed so that you have a clear picture of how you are and can be listed! Thanks for the post!

  55. Bob Graham says:

    Blog commenting can be a great way to get backlinks. It’s supposedly penalized but it still works. How ironic that I am doing it right now haha

  56. As a startup this article will really come in useful as I’m currently working on my sites seo

  57. Good advice there, back links are so important for getting good seo juice!

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    Awesome tips on building up SEO. It is important to connect and provide outstanding content to the search engines

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    I would love to see more on how wedding vendors are using this tactic to be successful on search engines. In my experience, this strategy has not had a major impact and may have even been harmful to my optimization results.

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  68. We will start using these tips today. Our site has been hovering near the top for some keywords and lower for others. It can be frustrating but there are ways to get higher and these should help. Thanks and good luck!

  69. Great ideas, will be using the advice to help build our backlink profile.

  70. Back link building is crucial now — especially industry relevant links. A lot of people say that back links are did, but we have seen the effect it has with our own bridal accessories business so we work hard at building mutual relationships with other wedding vendors! The article offered some great tips – thank you for sharing.

  71. Agree that there are no shortcuts. Just get out there and make yourself visible. Have stuff on your site that people want to engage with and sites will automatically link to your site.

  72. This will be very useful for our wedding car hire business / website. Thank you for the info 🙂

  73. Great advice thanks for sharing your SEO knowledge.

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