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Writing is something that some people are good at, and others, not so much. If you really hate it or don’t have the time then you need to outsource it. However, most solo-preneurs need to be able to write a certain amount of articles and content.

So as a wedding business owner, how do you get that content written? Sean of recommends a lot of planning. While it might seem like the majority of the time should be spent in the actual writing of the content, planning is the crucial bit behind how good or bad an article, website or flyer is. If you don’t know the basics of what you are going to write before you sit down to write it you are going to find writing a huge battle.

Everyone has heard about writers block. When you take time to outline what needs to be written, the resources and ideas behind it you can avoid the wasted time where you simply can’t write what needs to be written. Another helpful tip is to always think about your audience both when you are in the planning stage and when you are actually writing. If it helps you stay focused post a picture of your ideal bride next to your computer and write directly to her. What do you think?

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