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Advertising online is a great way to get more traffic to your website, and move those visitors down the sales funnel into clients. As a result it’s easy to end up spending major money on advertising, and the good news is that sometimes there are ways to advertise effectively for free.

A great example of this is using Google Local to get on Google Map search results. Mike Volpe has a great walk through of how to get set up in his article. It’s easy, painless, and can get you amazing search ranking with people in your area looking for a business such as yours.

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0 thoughts on “How to Get Free Advertising on Google”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Having to be posted in Google places can help you in your marketing. It’s easy to use and so useful.

  2. Good points, Pol. If you really want to make Google Places work for you, it’s a little more involved, takes testing and ongoing attention, not unlike SEO.

    However, just [i]having[/i] a Google Places account will put a wedding vendor ahead of most of the competition, and setting it up properly even more so. Google Places is becoming more known, but most wedding businesses are still behind.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although the guide you are sending people to is good (and has accurate information) In high competition areas where there are many wedding pros, it’s not as easy to get into Google Places where you will be seen. It takes quite a bit of work on your own to build up your Places listing. One of the reasons my Influence Engine Marketing services does so well, is that it is a pain to do and isn’t a one time thing, like this makes it seem. Like a grocery store your listing needs to stay fresh, with new stuff. It IS all something anyone can do however AND for free (except time and effort.)

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