If you are reading this from our Facebook community you already have a feel for the importance of Facebook marketing. Finding your way to using marketing that bring in results is a bit more complicated than it sounds though.

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The rule of thumb with Facebook marketing is the simpler the better. People on Facebook don’t want it to act like a website. They want to flip through the pages, and get meaningful information, and fun interacting in minutes. After all, if you’re checking it from a phone, or on a break you just plain don’t have much time.

So how do you keep it simple, and yet make it effective? ReadWriteWeb says in their great post that promotions are big and motivate a huge increase in activity on your page. Are you running a sale at your store? Try offering a coupon on Facebook for an additional percent off. Keep your updates light, but still packed with information – like talking with a friend. Make your site easy to navigate, and keep the pictures coming.

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