Bride_and_Groom_ReadingHave you had trouble getting decent traffic with your article marketing? Believe it or not this is normal, and everyone, even full time authors have to deal with this. Article marketing is a great way to get your name, and your wedding business name out in front of a lot more brides, and spark interest in your products or service.

One of the top ways to get your articles read more is by making sure that the article area is clean. Don’t clutter it up with advertisements, diagrams, or content that has nothing to do with the article. Not only does this make it easier for people to read, it also encourages them to share it with other people.

Sharing is the most important part of getting your article read. You need to make sure to include prominent sharing buttons plus you should also make sure you are sharing the article on your Facebook page, Tweeting it out once, and sharing it in your email newsletters. Make sure to read the article by Wayne Barker for more tips on article marketing. What do you think?

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