The bride's shoes as she sits and chats with her girlfriends

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just have someone go out and promote your wedding business…telling everybody they know…for free?

Well, with social networking, you can!

Facebook and Twitter are ultra-powerful marketing tools that let you turn your happy clients into a sales force of raving fans who spread the good news about your business all over the place.

But how do you do it?

Step 1:  Give them something worth sharing.

If you want brides to talk about you on Facebook and Twitter, you’ve got to get them something they want to talk about.

They LOVE real weddings, wedding inspiration, photos and useful tips to share with other brides.

But what they love best is…THEMSELVES.

Write a blog post about their wedding showing off your great work and talking about how wonderful the wedding was, how impeccable the bride’s taste was, how beautiful she looked…

Don’t lay it on too thick, but be complementary.

Then, send the bride a link to her beautiful wedding blog post and invite her to share it via email, Facebook and Twitter.

You better believe she’s going to show off her wedding…and promote the heck out of your business in the process.

Step 2: Make it super easy for them to share your stuff.

The average person has 130 contacts on Facebook and Twitter.  If they share your post, it gets blasted out to all those people…and if their friends “like” it or retweet it, it gets blasted out to all their friends.

Your business will be all over the web and in front of a targeted local audience in minutes.

But if you want her to share your stuff, you’ve got to make it easy for her.

If she has to…

  • Copy your url…
  • Open up a new browser window…
  • Go to…
  • Paste the link in to create a shortened url…
  • Copy the shortened link
  • Log on to Facebook or Twitter…
  • Paste in that url…
  • Write a comment…

That’s EIGHT steps!  It’s going to take her at least a couple minutes.  And we all know that brides aren’t the most patience creatures these days.

If it’s too difficult to share your blog post, she won’t even try.

Make it a one click share by adding a “Tweet” and “Like” button to your website.

You’ve been seeing them pop up all over the place, right?  All a bride has to do is click one button and Voila!  Your blog post goes out to all her friends.

Just go here to add a tweet button to your website or have your webmaster do it for you.

And here to add the Facebook like button.

If you have a WordPress blog, it’s even easier.  Simply install the Facebook like plugin for WordPress and Tweet button for WordPress of your choice.

If you want to convert your brides into a powerful, FREE sales force, give them compelling stuff to talk about and make it super easy for them to do.  You’ll be on your way to free marketing in no time.

Got a story about how you used Facebook or Twitter to promote your wedding business?  Leave me a comment because I’d love to hear about it!