A lot of businesses get bogged down in the first few months of trying to build their Facebook presence because the fans just aren’t showing up. It can be extremely frustrating because you know the fans are out there, they just aren’t liking your page. So what is up with that?

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Think about your target brides. They are looking online trying to find the right businesses for their wedding. When it comes to Facebook a bride has to first find your business and then second has to see the value of your page. The first tip to drawing brides in is to create a killer welcome page according to the great article by Christine Dyer

Your welcome page needs to grab attention which should include at least one great picture, and an offer, newsletter sign up, or something that will encourage interaction with your page. On top of that the welcome page needs to be very clear about what value the bride will get out of becoming a fan of your page. This isn’t connected to what benefit they will get out of buying from you. It has everything to do with you offering value on you fan page constantly. That is what will draw in the fans, and turn your fans into clients. What do you think?

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