When you start your business you are building your dream. As a result your passion is through the roof. Unfortunately that isn’t enough according to Jim Blasingame’s great article. You need more than just passion for the dream. To make your business work and be successful it also takes you as the business owner having a passion for the nuts and bolts of building the foundation, finding software, and setting up the process that your business runs on.

Just like Oreos and milk you can’t have one without the other. Sometimes this works out in partnerships with one partner focused on one side and vice versa. But for most businesses they are started and run by only one person. If you aren’t passionate about building the process you can find a way to motivate yourself by focusing on your love to learn, or focusing on the long term benefits, or end goal. Dream, focus, and be passionate. Don’t get discouraged about your business. Take the rough times as motivation and fuel for your passion for doing what you dreamed.

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