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Hey, I love experts as much as the next guy.  I pay them to do what they do best so that I can focus on what I do best.

But what I don’t love is paying for something that doesn’t get results.

You can pay anywhere from $100 to $500 per month or more for SEO work that’s supposed to bring you website traffic and real leads.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, for a small wedding business, that’s expensive.

Want to increase your website traffic by 210% and fire your SEO guy?  Follow the example of the Log My Calls 150 Blogs in 50 Days experiment.

Double Your Website Traffic in 60 Days

1. Add a blog to your own website domain.  

WordPress is highly recommended. You’ll know it’s on your domain if the url looks like this: yourawesomewebsite.com/blog NOT like this: blog.wordpress.com

You want your blog to live on your domain so that your website gets credit for all the juicy content and backlinks you’re about to create.

2. Install Google Analytics (or other) tracking on your website.

You’re going to invest some work in this project, so you need to measure your results.  Google Analytics will tell you how many visitors your website gets now so that you can compare it with the visitors you get in 60 days.

3. Publish at least 3 blog posts about wedding planning and local wedding topics of 400 words each week.

Log My Calls published 3 blog posts PER DAY to get these amazing results, but you don’t have to go insane like them to double your website traffic.  3 posts per week will do the trick for most local wedding businesses.

If you REALLY want to kill it, publish one post per day.

NOTE:  You must write about wedding planning and local topics in order to attract the website visitors you want.  Do some keyword research and use those phrases naturally in your articles.

No excuses if you can’t write!  Hire someone a local college student or contractor at Odesk to do it for you at $10 per blog post, find guest bloggers through networks like Blogger Link Up or dictate your content and have your audio transcribed on Fiverr.

4.  Keep up the pace for 60 days and measure your results.

Check your Google Analytics to see how many website visitors you have each day compared to where you started.  Take special notice of the blog posts that attracted the most visits so that you can write more like them.

5.  Fire your SEO guy.  And throw a party.

Blogging is NOT dead.  It’s the simplest way to add regular content to your website, attract targeted leads and get more business for FREE.

Yes, regular blogging takes an investment of time, but it works when you follow this strategy for getting to Page 1 on Google.  If you follow this recipe, you will get results.

Or you can keep paying your SEO guy and hope that s/he finds a clue.

What do you think about SEO?

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