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Its a truth universal that if you go to a party, you have a high chance of losing your phone. If that party just happens to be a New Year’s party, well the probability gets closer to a 100% chance that you are going to lose your phone. As the owner of a wedding business you are going to be dealing with this issue year round.

So how do you make sure you are able to find your phone if you lose it? If you have a Smartphone you don’t have to rely on the kindness of strangers, rather you can install a “find my phone” app that will help you track it down. And while we are on the subject of partying, remember that if you are working an event, drinking is completely unacceptable. Your brides and their guests won’t forget, let alone forgive you for it so keep the partying to somewhere where you are a guest. Make sure to read the article by lifehacker for more tips about dealing with the perils of New Years Eve. What do you think?

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