Most businesses start with an office in the home, and even if you do happen to have a storefront it’s more than likely that you will have an office elsewhere. The question is whether a home office works for you, or whether you need to look into finding somewhere else to have your workspace.

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The home office is great, if you either don’t have a family, or are able to block out times where you can work uninterrupted and then spend time with the family. Setting boundaries for yourself is crucial however as it is easy to end up either bringing all the family stuff into your office, or blocking your family out completely. For some people the home office simply doesn’t end up working especially if they have a team working with them and they need to find somewhere else to have the workspace in order to maintain that balance and order to both the work and personal life.

Lauren Drell has written a great article talking about the other workspace options available to small businesses. Something which you may not have heard about is something called co-working spaces. This is an office that provides you a regular office set up with all the basic equipment you may not be able to afford yet. Instead of renting it out like a normal office you can choose the days of the week you need it.

What are your office woes?

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