Embedding content that you have written from your Twitter and Facebook accounts into your website is an often overlooked strategy that can help you not only build content in your blog or website, but it can also help drive and connect your clients to all of your online sites.

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Small Business Mavericks encourages people to check out SocialDitto. It allows you to copy the URL, click Ditto, and paste to embed content. How totally awesome is that? This is a seriously great tool which anyone can use and it’s free which makes it practice for any company, no matter how small.

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  1. Brent says:

    Hi! Another tool that businesses can use is Postano. It allows you to aggregate all of your social channels into your website, and it updates automatically. It helps with SEO because the content is always updating and therefore getting re-indexed by Google, and it helps your website because it presents all of your social media in a lovely display on your site where customers can share and engage without leaving your site. Full disclosure, I don’t work at Postano but I do work with them sometimes.

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