bridal cake

Whether your wedding business is about selling a product or service the sales techniques remain the same. Selling isn’t about doing what everyone is doing, it’s about standing out and making it easy for brides to find and use you.

For instance, if you are selling seed packet wedding favors your first thought needs to be ensuring that the design is unique, easy to use and beautiful. Why do I use that as an example? Because while I like the idea of seed packet favors there are very few out there that meets the requirement of looking good as a wedding favor.

The actual selling process is all about standing out from your competition according to Greg McFarlane’s awesome and thought provoking article. It isn’t enough to “let your product speak for itself.” It might speak to a bride, but it won’t sell itself. Be verbal about how great you are, use great pictures and descriptions, run marketing campaigns for one particular product or service. Do look at your competition and then do something else. What do you think?

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