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Creating a video for your wedding business blog isn’t that hard. I know, it sounds like a time consuming process. Perhaps if you had to make your video like a movie shown on the big screen it would be, but the expectation for videos on blogs, especially those hosted on YouTube are a bit lower. The reason for doing a video in the first place is to mix things up and keep your audience of potential brides interested in your content, and therefore your business.

One of the absolutely easiest video formats is to do a screen capture or slideshow video. This means that the quality of the visual will be extremely high, your face doesn’t have to appear on the screen, and all you have to do is figure out what you want to say, and record your voice over the content. Gregory Ciotti does a great job in his article explaining the basics of the three main types of video formats used for blogs so check it out! Have you tried using video yet and if so how is the reaction from your audience?

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