When you go to create or re-design your wedding business website theme you should always remember the main rule to website creation. If there is any potential that a potential lead can get confused by your layout and get lost, they will. A beautiful site is brilliant, but you always have to make sure that it makes sense and is easy to navigate.

If you have a lot of pages to your site pick the main pages that a bride needs to click on, make them the main tabs and add drop down menus for each to lead the bride to any additional pages. The reason this is so important is because clutter, even a semi-long list of pages, leads to confusion and a bride will often give up looking at your site before they know anything about you. Remember, the purpose of your site isn’t primarily to show your business style and overwhelm a bride with facts, but is to turn a potential lead into a customer. That change in perspective changes the layout and design of your site and should lead to better success. To discover more tips in website design make sure to check out the article by Matthew Toren. What do you think?

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