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Things go wrong in the wedding industry and can leave you feeling overwhelmed and angry at whoever it is that you feel is making things go badly. Does this mean that you have permission to lose it and yell at someone, especially if you are right and they are wrong?

According to Sean Low in his blog The Business of Being Creative it isn’t that simple. There are times that you just shouldn’t follow your natural instinct. There are always consequences, and instead of solving the problem it can actually trigger a domino effect causing things to spiral out of control. Not only will you offend the person you are angry at, but by getting angry you will also cause people to question your credibility.

Find ways to help yourself stay calm, and instead of bottling it all up inside use those feelings of anger to think clearly, and formulate steps of action to solve the issue and defuse the situation. Make sure to check out Sean Low’s blog for more tips on dealing with anger!

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