Most brides will go into the wedding shopping experience with absolutely no idea how much a wedding can cost and with the ideal that there is no price limit on their wedding. It will only take them one or two stores however before they realize that they have to set a budget and figure out about how much they want to spend on what. What they haven’t realized though is that sometimes they are going to have to rework that budget if they are going to get what they really want.

ShoppingThis budget is something that all wedding businesses deal with and it can be frustrating to say the least when a bride sets an unrealistically low budget for what she wants. Instead of letting her talk you down in price the better tactic is to find what your business has that she won’t find elsewhere. Why is your product or service worth the price you are asking, and what would set it apart from the competition in her mind? Geoffrey James explains in his article that when it comes to something that a client needs if you have something that your product or service offers that others don’t it will make the client realize that the price isn’t quite as important as getting the thing that will make their day special.

What do you do to deal with price challenges with your brides?

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