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There are a lot of layers to what you can do with a Facebook page. You can keep it simple, or you can add all the bells and whistles and make your page sparkle, driving traffic and leads to your main wedding website.

One of marketer’s favorite ways to do this used to be by creating a custom tab landing page and requiring people to like their page before gaining access to the content. While the first is no longer an option you can still set the mood with your cover photo welcoming people to your page as soon as they Like it. These two things work together like magic.

The Cover photo enables you to give your Facebook page a custom flair, exposing people to your brand image. If you add a requirement for brides to like your page before they can access the content it boosts the number of likes, and therefore your Facebook audience. For details on how to set up your page so that brides have to like your page in order to see your content in the new Facebook Timeline format check out this informative article by R.J. LaCount. What do you think?

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