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First off let me explain what a personal brand is. When you are creating the online presence for your businesses it is going to automatically be connected to your personal social media profiles. This means that every group you join, and every comment you make will automatically factor into your personal brand online which is completely interwoven with your professional brand.

Creating your personal brand is as easy as joining Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, connecting with friends, networking with other professionals, joining groups and interacting with them. These interactions are things that Google picks up on, ranking your name and business higher or lower. Without a personal brand your online business is going to suffer for the simple reason that you aren’t answering client’s fundamental questions “Who are you, and why should I listen to you.”

There are obviously problems triggered by this connection. The first and primary one that people miss is that whenever someone says something bad about you personally online that will affect your business brand image. Make sure to read the article by Oscar Del Santo as he has several great tips about how to keep your personal brand image clean. What do you think?

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