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Ah, the world of the wedding business giveaway. This marketing tactic is a huge motivator to brides, super helpful to wedding businesses, and actually not that common nationwide. The benefits are huge however. If you find yourself able to budget for a really good giveaway and have a real need for growing your bridal lead list this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Remember that you have to put a ton of planning into a giveaway to get it to work. You want the prize to be something that a lot of brides want and need, and something that will motivate brides to buy that same product or service from you even if they don’t win. Photographers use this tactic the most by offering a free photo shoot completely for free. Make sure to read the article by Christine Dyer for some really great tips on how to pull off a successful giveaway! What do you think? Is a giveaway something you have done, or are planning on doing?

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