Facebook ads are super helpful at getting traffic to your fan page. If your fan page is set up correctly it will in turn convert quite a few of those new “likes” into leads. Think about it. People spend an insane amount of time on Facebook being social which means if you can create an ad that captures their attention they will actually take the time to click on it and check out your page.

Creating that effective ad isn’t rocket science either according to All Facebook’s blog article. The first thing to make your ad really work is to get the image right. The picture is going to be super small so you want to fill up the entire space and make it really pop by using contrasting colors to Facebook’s theme color. It’s all about capturing people’s attention and getting them interested. For a wedding business this means avoiding using a picture of a white dress, or a white background. Find something that you sell that has a lot of color in a warm tone.

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