email iconQuestion: How can I collect bride leads for my email list?

“Hi Stephanie,

I’m so excited about the AES [Automatic Expert System] and have so many ideas.  Since I design cakes for all occasions, I want to be able to collect leads so I can promote special promotions, new cake flavors/products, etc. Clients often can also forward to family and friends of these promotions.   Of course, I want to collect leads from brides.   Could you share some insight on how I could approach?

Thank you!

Sweet Regards,”



Hi, Veronica.

It would be really helpful for you to brainstorm ideas for capturing leads and following up with them.  I’m sure you’d be much better at this than me, since you know your business and market best.  🙂

In order to capture the name and email of people who visit your website you need:

1.  An email marketing service like Aweber that lets you send personalized mass emails and  create forms for collecting these leads.

2. A compelling offer or cool free giveaway people get when signing up for your email list. This might be a free informational report, coupons, video tutorials, checklists, etc.

3. A webform displayed on your website to make your clear offer in a way that gets
attention and inspires action.

4. Website traffic.  Don’t forget that people need to SEE your offer in order to sign up for it!

Here are some suggestions for getting high quality leads on your email list:

  •  Invite them to sign up for your email list for a chance to win a “cake of the month.” (You could do the same as a reward for liking your Facebook page.)
  • Invite them to sign up for your text message list to get exclusive coupons and discounts.  This works great for the restaurant industry to make and keep loyal customers.
  • Use a wedding specific free giveaway and transition your customers to updates of your blog posts via blog broadcast, including special deals and promotions.
  • Get your followers involved, once you have a good number of them, by asking for their suggestions on cakes to make for your “cake of the month” or even let them name a new flavor.

The key is to make sure whatever you offer is really valuable and desirable to your customers.

Ask your current/past customers for ideas about what you can give away to potential customers that would be really cool.  They’ll be your best resource!

What do you think about collecting more leads this way?

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