bride on the carpetIf you already use Facebook for keeping up with friends you probably have a bit of an idea of what is involved in writing a good Facebook post. However business pages are constantly working on getting better returns for their time, which means finding better ways to build interest in their brand.

Lawrence has some brilliant pointers on his blog tofurious. He points out something that is a very typical issue with wedding businesses on Facebook. When you post you get a lot more interest and interaction when you use a picture. Not that you always have to use a picture with your posts, but when you do it is the thing that makes your post stand out in a brides news feed. Facebook users are used to taking more time looking at pictures than reading updates. Don’t just use any picture though. Use one that illustrates the point, and is good quality. The quality of the pictures that you use is a direct reflection of the quality of your business, at least in a brides mind. What do you think? Have you used pictures with your posts, and if so have you seen an increase in interest?