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Is your wedding business trustworthy?

When it comes to once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, trust is very important. Most couples are anxious about the big day and worried that something might go wrong.  They want to know that you will follow through and make their wedding day the best it can be.

So how do you build trust? If many of your clients are finding you online, your website is a great place to start. This article by Matthew Toren  at outlines 20 ways to gain more trust online.

Here are the four tips I found most helpful and how you can implement them in your wedding business:

1)    Show Yourself

People like to buy from other people, not companies. Let your prospective clients see the “you” in your wedding business.  Tell the story behind the business and let them know why you are passionate about your work.

Whether it’s adding a photo of you to your website and email signature or crafting a great ‘about’ page, authentically showing who you are and why you care about what you do gives brides a behind-the-scenes look at your business and builds a relationship of trust.

2)    Feature Testimonials

Potential clients want to see social proof that you are good at what you do and that past couples have been satisfied with your work. Using testimonials on your wedding business website reassures them that they can trust you to handle their wedding.

To take it a step further, don’t just use words- add smiling photos of your brides and grooms alongside their quotes or ask them to create a short video or audio testimonial instead.

3)    Project a Professional Image

Image is important, especially in the wedding industry. When just starting out it is tempting to ignore the branding aspect of your business, but using a strong logo, consistent colors and professional photos builds trust in your business.

Evaluate your marketing materials- including your website, business cards and email signature to ensure that you are putting your best image out there to new clients. Make sure that you are consistent on all of your online profiles, including wedding directory listings when possible.

4)    Get Press and Feature It

Getting published establishes you as an expert in your field. With so many wedding blogs out there today, it is easier than ever to get featured. Start by browsing through wedding blogs and narrowing down the list to ones that would be the best fit for your work and attract your ideal client. Then start submitting – from real weddings to useful ‘how-to’ articles, blogs are always looking for fresh content to share with their readers.

And don’t forget your local newspaper- especially during wedding season journalists are looking to quote wedding professionals for wedding-related stories. Send out a press release about your business with advice for newly engaged couples and make yourself available for interviews.

What do you do if you can’t get featured? Start by publishing your own content on your blog or website. Write articles and link to resources that will help couples with their wedding planning to establish yourself and your business as a trusted resource.

Already doing these four things? Great! You are well on your way to building trust with potential clients. For the rest of the 20 tips, see the full article.

Which of these tips can you implement today to make your business more trustworthy?

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