High end brideIf you are having trouble reaching brides online there is always a reason, and it’s not just because they choose someone else. Any time a bride chooses another company as her wedding vendor it is because, for whatever reason, you didn’t “fit” her idea of what she was looking for.

On your website there are two major keys to why you might be getting views, but little actual interest in your company according to Lori Kozlowski. The two things intertwine forming a whole. First you have to make your wedding business website easy to navigate and remember that the modern bride is used to everything being convenient. Keep it simple. Second you need to know what your ideal bride does and tie your product or service style into that. If you do wedding for adventurous brides who will get married skydiving, you probably don’t want to do a formal wedding themed website but do want to keep it professional. If on the other hand you do weddings for high end weddings, you want your website to be as glamorous as possible. Know your bride and reach her in her world, not yours. What do you think?

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