couple in laptopIt’s been mentioned before, but while the layout of your website or blog may not make a huge impact on your search engine rankings it definitely makes a difference on whether brides will spend time on your site. Not only do you need great content and pictures which show off your work, but you also need a killer layout.

I’ve spent a lot of time on wedding websites and the one thing that drives me nuts is how long it takes the site to load, and then how hard it is to navigate the site. It isn’t all about building a beautiful site. It’s about building a site which catches and holds attention, provides the necessary information, and make a bride want to sign with you.

Oh and that music that automatically starts playing as soon as the site loads? Nix it as soon as possible. A bride is going to be flipping through a lot of sites, most of which play music, and if she’s at work she isn’t even going to look at your content before she closes down the page. For more tips on building a great layout for your site check out Matthew Toren’s awesome article. What do you think? Is your site a killer site, or does it drive brides away?